The cutest


You know when they say that sometimes you have to make mistake of your life to meet the love of your life? True!

I’ve been dating an absolute piece of a trash for 9 months, he was giving me no respect for everything I was doing, taking my money, he was able to hit me.

We broke up the night I got so scared of him I rang for my brother to get me out.

Then met the right guy I suppose! I mean, he’s been waiting for his chance for over a year, he’s listening to me, always takes care of me. I’m just about to move into a new house with my Best Friend and her SO and I get messages saying “is it ok if I’ll help you put furniture together?” Like DAMN YASSS

He went for family holiday to America and bought me and Stitch toy cause he knows it’s my favourite, and above that he bought a matching one for my little niece. Already cares more about her than my ex ever has.

Ever since he appeared in my life, things are getting much better ❤️