30 Strength Challenge for Beginners

Jenn • 37 year old woman trying to keep things in perspective.
I'm using Glow to document my journey through this challenge. If you're reading, I'm holding myself accountable to you (I find I perform better when I have someone to answer to). Feel free to ask questions and/or participate w/me. 
I've been overweight basically all my life. Size 24 for since high school (I got down to size 18 in college but that was due to being broke and not having a car) and I'll be 36 in October. I weighed myself last night and I'm still at my usual 310 (I've been going through some things lately and was concerned that I might have gained)
I've used My Fitness Pal in the past to log my activities and calorie intake and after a while I stopped because it got to be too cumbersome. 
I'd done numerous diets and exercise plans over the years but never tried strength training. When I saw the challenge pop up in my Facebook newsfeed Tuesday afternoon I decided to read it over. I investigated all the exercises (there are only 6) to learn how to do them properly and decided to go for it. 
I officially started the challenge yesterday. Due to knee issues I opted to not perform the birddogs but I DID do 3 sets of  two-leg bridges, 3 10-second planks, 3 sets of squats, 3 sets of dumbbell shoulder presses (just the movement, no weights yet) and 3 sets of single-leg deadlifts and all the required resting times between. 
Day 1 Challenge Notes
Planks are the devil! They are THE most difficult exercise on the list. I wanted to time myself but totally forgot. I'll do it next time. 
Day 2 - Rest Day
I just woke up and to my surprise, my body feels pretty good. Nothing hurts but things feel like they've been used.  I'm feeling excited and encouraged about this challenge.