Depressed? Or?

Breanna • I have an angel in heaven and I'm currently pregnant with our rainbow baby. ❤
Okay I lost 2 great grandmas, my baby, and my grandpa (who was my best friend) all within a 4 month period. Ever since my grandpa passed away in April and I lost my baby in February all I can think about is how I should be giving birth in one month and how much I miss my grandpa. I have to constantly be on my phone or watching TV or doing something to keep me occupied or that's all I think about. After I lost my baby i started having sleep issues. No matter how much or how little sleep I get im exhausted. I can't stay up late anymore, I'm just too tired. I'm 19 and I feel staying up late shouldn't be a problem. I get headaches just about everyday. Not sure what they have to do with. I don't necessarily feel "depressed". I don't have that dark cloud hanging over my head. But I have sleep issues and  I don't really want to hang out with friends amymore. (I find it boring.) the only people I ever want to be with are
My mom, sister, grandma and boyfriend. What do you guys think? Is it depression or something else? Any advice for me?