Advise! Baby room dilemma?!

Ally • Married 💍 Mother of one.

So we’re moving into a new home in a couple weeks. Been remodeling and getting done the way we want it. The only problem is that I’m finally starting to realize is that it’s only 3 bedrooms. And we’re expecting our baby in March. My husband has two older boys, twin boys at the age of 13. They’re getting their own separate rooms which I understand because I was the same way at their age. Plus he promised them when we’d move they’ll have their own bedroom this was way prior to finding out we’re pregnant. Didn’t expect to be pregnant while moving and such. I thought it’d take us another few months or so until we settle down and then have a baby but I’m very grateful to be pregnant right now. But any advise ladies. I’m trying to think of a way to possibly expand the house to maybe an upper level with an additional bedroom for the baby eventually or adding some walls in the living room to make a small nursery for the baby. Trying to not stress about this but I can’t help it. The baby will stay in our room the first year but it’s like for him/her to have their own room eventually.