Baby Sleep tips?


Hi everyone.

I have a 4 month old who is usually a great sleeper. However, over the last few weeks her silent reflux has come back with a vengeance.

The dr prescribed Gaviscon which made her so constipated that she didn’t poop for 5 days (she normally poops everyday). So we are now on another medication to help her poop.

Because of the reflux, it can sometimes take so long to get my baby to sleep. For example today she started getting sleepy around 6. I bathed her and gave her a feed and now it’s 9pm and she is STILL not asleep (currently comfort sucking). I did have to give her to my husband half way through so I could eat but it seems that ever night it takes me a few hours to get her to finally go down and I am EXHAUSTED!

Once she is asleep, she’ll only wake up twice (1am and 5-6am) for a dream feed and will go back to sleep. The problem is getting to sleep in the first place!

Tell me your sleep tips mummies so I can try them out I can’t keep doing this!!

Thank you!