Guilt about leaving my toddler.

So I have a 14 month old and I am 24 weeks pregnant. Next weekend is my husband and my 4 year anniversary and we’ve had an offer from my parents to watch both her and our dog so we can have a little mini vacation/anniversary weekend from Thursday-Sunday.

We’d just be driving up north so we wouldn’t be super far, but this is the first time we would be leaving her more than one night and although I really want this one on one time with my husband before our next baby comes in December and also have the time to bond with my little baby boy bump, it makes me want to cry thinking of leaving her.

I trust my parents completely and she loves them and has spent the night there before (they have a crib and room for her and everything) but it’s just the thought of her wondering where I am and missing me that absolutely KILLS me.

Does anyone else feel this way when leaving their little ones? I want to enjoy he weekend and just not have so much guilt, but I kind of feel like a bad mom for leaving her behind. 😩