Long post (& cycle)

Katie • 26 y.o. TTC #1 since Jan `14. Took out last nuva ring Nov. `13.
We'll, AF finally showed up today after 48cd, last 3 days have been spotting. (1st cycle off nuva ring was 42days) I took a test yesterday and got a bfn, now I'm thinking "of course!" I've taken 13 hpt in the last three weeks, although all those bfns were not terribly disappointing. I think the negative opks were worse. On cd 27 I thought I had an ovulation bleed, it was within my predicted fertile window so I abandoned opks because I was sure this was my day! I got my EWCM after my predicted window and the last bd for the fertile window. DH & I average one bd/week unless I'm in the fertile window, but I'm over the clinical feeling of Dtd for the sake of baby making. 
​This (long) cycle, I'm going to do a few things differently. I will not abandon my opks until I get a positive. I will increase our frequency of Dtd (hopefully every 2-3 days). I WILL NOT take a hpt during the tww (or three week wait) (but I probably will). I will replace the basal thermometer my dog chewed on. I will finally purchase the bridesmaid dress in the correct size. And I will purchase some Stella Artois Cidre today and drink one without thinking about being pregnant!