Tired of it

Alyson • Alyson 💓🤙🏼

Okay I just want some opinions. Well I dated this boy bout 2 and a half years ago and we only dated for 3 months. Well I lost my virginity too him after we broke up well after that we still talked and hung out and still had sex til this very day. Well between all that he had a girlfriend and and I talked to a few people here and there well he cheated on his girlfriend with me. Yeah I know Im wrong blah blah blah. Well at that time 2 yrs ago he was my first and my first true love . Well he would tell me how he would want to be with me and shit and maybe one day have kids and now he’s changing his mind and I kid you not this isn’t the first time he changes his mind. But i feel like god is trying to tell me something or showing me a sign. That we didn’t go through all that shit off and on the past two and a half years. I dealt with all his bullshit and he pushed me away constantly and he dealt with my bullshit. (I personally wanna know how y’all feel about this situation )