Bad reflux/spitting up and starting baby food

Megan • Mama to a beautiful little girl, engaged to the loml 🥰💍

My daughter is 4 months and I’ve been back and forth with her ped. since day 1. Our first concern was she may have Pyloric Stenosis bc her dad and a few in his family have had it. She tested negative for that so her doctor said it was just bad reflux. She’s been on Similac Sensitive since the beginning as I started adding rice cereal at 2 months to try to help it. All this to no avail. I even tried the Similac spit up formula and it hasn’t worked. I’m considering talking to him tomorrow (she has her 4 month app tomorrow) about trying soy based formula to see if that helps. I’d like to try anything I can to avoid the reflux medicine if I can. Any suggestions? Open to anything bc she is spitting up after every bottle it’s not projectile just normal spit up. All suggestions welcome. Another question: any tricks to starting baby food that makes it easier? Thanks in advance


Her ped decided we would try Similac Pro Advance since it’s closest to breast milk (she started out on breast milk but it just wasn’t for us and she did fine on it) if that doesn’t work he’s going to have us try Similac Alimentum with it being one of the easiest to digest and one of the gentlest. My ped normally only uses medication as a last effort. Thank you all for your suggestions.