Shutdown effected more than just government employees 😡😭

Every time I see a post about how government employees are entitled to all this help while they are “layed off “ due to the shutdown my blood boils , my fiancé isn’t a government employee but he lost his job due to the shutdown . He worked for a fertilizer plant for years and he was just about to get a promotion when the shit down hit , the company lost a major contract due to the government shut down , which caused the company to shut down the fertilizer plant since it was in a rural area and can’t afford to keep it open since they lost the contract. The men who worked with my man all had was bigger families than us 4+ kids each and all I can think about is those kids being hungry and homeless cause in our family there’s just me and him and we are struggling so hard I can’t even imagine what those men are going through with there families . And all the help that the government employees are entitled to we aren’t 😡😩 oh and yes I understand they are really entitled to much help I’m sure the government employees are roughing it to but atleast there is help for them . I’ve been job searching for weeks cause unemployment won’t even start til the government opens back up 😡😭 we literally got our world ripped apart in a matter of days cause of this shut down .