Fat vent 😡

Guess • 🔹Married to my high school sweet heart🔹Mom of two amazing boys, Maverick born Jan 2017 and Arius born Sept 2018 🔹just diagnosed with Hashimotos disease

My sister in law and I both just had babies less than a month apart (her first my second in less than 2 years)

So the other day my sister in law and I went to a garage sale and they had brand new miss me jeans with tags for 25 bucks (hell yea) well I picked up a pair and was like I want to try these on I really love this style. My sister in law walked by and looked at them and in a shitty tone she was like “your not going to fit in those I couldn’t even fit in those and you are way bigger than me”

I’m so beyond pissed at this comment. First off it’s not even true I actually am 6 pounds lighter than her. I really don’t respect my sister in law and I’m struggling not to tell her off. I think most women struggle with their postpartum bodies and to put me down unnecessarily is bull 😡