F*cking pissed.

Mrs.Rainey • 🦖Boy Mom🦖

Backstory: So I work at a daycare. This girl that works here has been talking all week long about calling in today to see her bf. Sure enough, she calls in but says she can make the 3-6 shift. So (I have 2 bosses. Let’s call them Debra & Sarah) Sarah comes in and starts talking about how she gonna let her get here and then just send her home (to be petty).

So this morning my son complained his stomach hurt and was coughing (he goes to the daycare I work at). Didn’t think much of it, his temp was 99.9, and we can’t send home until 101 fever. So 2 hours later, it’s his lunch time, I check it and he’s at 101.2 and I tell Debra my sons temp and she said see if I can find anyone to pick him up.

I have no one to get him, so at the start of my lunch I let her know and she says to just give him Motrin an come back because they need me.

Uh.. first of all, that’s against licensing. Second, the fucking flu is going around!! Third, they’ve been on a roll sending other kids home. Four, if it were they’re kids they would’ve left.

When I get back from lunch I see that one of the other teachers have left (we’re super low on kids because SICKNESS and they moved her children to me). At this point I am PISSED! I’m crying I’m so pissed. Why send her home when I have a sick child? Really?! And if my Sarah weren’t being a petty child the girl who called in could’ve covered me!

I am beyond livid that my baby has to be here.

Just UGH!! Sorry I had to vent.