7 months and being bullied.

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Ok. So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years. I’m 7 months pregnant with our son and I have a daughter from a previous relationship. He moved from his home state to be here with me because I was the more established of the two. Since he’s been here he’s held a job for just 3 weeks and I’ve been handling all the bills since. We had our own place but we moved out in December because of a mold issue. But even if we wanted to get another place we couldn’t because I couldn’t afford it anymore. So we moved in with my mother. My mother is very open and has been very accommodating to us. The only thing she asks that there’s no smoking ( I don’t smoke but he does vape) in the house. Instead of him respecting that he made a big hole in the screen of the window in our bedroom. Which is on the front of the house so everyone can see it when they drive by.

Lately he’s been constantly cursing at me, and treating me like a door mat. In the past he’s had issues with indefinitely and I’ve noticed he’s started to do sneaky things that he did before. Hanging out in the garage (there’s nothing in there to do), coming to bed at odd hours. This morning I saw a text from a random number that looked familiar and it came in at 4am. I didn’t say anything.

Also this morning he was upset because by the time he decided to get out of bed there was someone else in the bathroom. So he yelled and cursed at me for 30 minutes about how he shouldn’t have to wake up earlier to accommodate someone else being in the bathroom. So I told him he could just use my moms but he continued to rant and scream about it. So me trying to diffuse the situation I apologized that he was inconvenienced (even though I didn’t feel as though I needed to apologize I just wanted him to stop yelling and cursing at me). But he kept going and I got so frustrated I started to cry and walked away into our bedroom closed the door and started to break down. After about 5 minutes I pulled myself together and continued getting ready for the day.

We ride in to work together and he continued the yelling and rudeness. And finally I just snapped and told him he could just leave. Go back to your home state and don’t talk to me again. I also said I was sorry he’s my sons father and he threw his cereal on me. ( I know i was wrong for saying that but i was so mad at that point it just came out) Mind you I’m driving. So I began to brush the cereal off and he continued to scream about how I’m a bitch and he doesn’t want to be here. So again I told him to leave.

This has been going on for months and I’m getting so fed up. I’m having a baby in two months and I’m not enjoying my pregnancy at all.

Sorry this is such a long post but I don’t have any friends so I didn’t have anyone to vent to.

Any advice is appreciated 😊