Karma is a bitch

So I worked as a barista for 3 months before the fired me. In those 3 months, I got no training, and had to teach myself everything while also being scolded and told I was putting the kiosk at risk for being shut down (which wasn’t true btw). A girl I knew had applied to work where I did, and I warned her saying “I wouldn’t work here. This place doesn’t train you, and it’s really stressful.” She didn’t take my advise, and ended up quitting 2 months in (a month after I got fired) due to how shitty it was (told you). Apparently she stopped by tonight, and saw the brand new closer (that’s what we were), had left EVERYTHING out, and didn’t bother putting anything away. We made that same mistake because NOBODY TRAINED US. I feel reallt bad for the new closer. I hope they succeed. From the looks of it, and from experience, they need all the help they can get.