39+5 and no changes :( induction booked

Amy • Wife to a good man, Mama of a 7 year old little boy & expecting our new addition April 30 2019

I left the Dr. Office in tears today to discover my baby is fully engaged and ready to go but there was zero change in my cervix. It is high up hard and 0.5 cm dilated, barely a finger tip. I couldn’t even have a sweep 😩

She asked that I come back on Monday when I’ll be 40+4 overdue. They will begin the induction process using a gel? They can’t do the cervical balloon because my cervix is too closed 😩

I’m so hoping that I have some miraculous changes by the weekend and he comes on his own. Although I am very happy I don’t have to wait u too 41 weeks to begin induction.

Is anyone else having issues with cervical changes? My due date is in two days. No ball Bouncing, sex, raspberry leaf tea, or nipple stimulation is helping!