I need some baby dust in my life


I had a miscarriage the day after Mother’s Day. I was six weeks along and my fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for four years, me even longer in a relationship before I met my soulmate. I had never been pregnant, not once, literally screamed at the positive pregnancy test, was too scared to take another one in case it was wrong but made myself, and that was positive too. I miscarried right before my first ultrasound. It’s been incredibly rough on me considering I lost my job as a result and there’s nothing I can do about either, so it left me feeling very scared about life and if I had any sort of control or if I’m just here for the universes entertainment, even though I know better than that. It wound up being a UTI/bladder infection I didn’t even know I had that ended my pregnancy. So here we are, we just BD for the first time since, and I ovulate tomorrow. I’m right in the middle of wanting to wait and getting pregnant right away again. Only wanting to wait because I was going to do a pre pregnancy cleanse. I want honest opinions here, I mean is it too soon for my body? I did everything the doctors said to do after, waited two weeks for BD, finished my antibiotics, I’m on an awesome prenatal vitamin called Ritual, but I’m terrified of getting another UTI. Has anyone had this experience, or issue with chronic UTIs, what do you do prevention wise? I used to take a probiotic with dmannose (sp) in it that really helped. I’ve had them frequently since a I was a child and have never known why as I am very careful and OCD about feminine hygiene. I don’t want to lose another pregnancy due to being unaware of a UTI