Physical Discipline in Public


I don’t believe in physical discipline but, I also know that how I parent is my business and how others parent is their business.

However, do you think it’s “acceptable” to physically punish a child in public? Or, do you think it should be an in private only option.

Not a debate about spanking vs not spanking, really. Just where it’s acceptable.

For context: I volunteer at my child’s elementary school. I’ve seen on 4 occasions another mother physically punish her children in public. (She twists their ear and pops their bottom.) The children are around kindergarten and 2nd grade ages. Possibly a little older.

In my opinion it’s undeserved and humiliating publicly, especially at those ages. For examples: The first time they were checking in late and one kid forgot his backpack and had to go back. A second occasion was during a field day when all the kids were excited and he yelled out about being skipped in line (which was true and super common complaint of little ones).

Sorry this is so long. It makes me feel really sick and embarrassed for her kids. Part of me wants to tell an administrator because it’s inappropriate for a volunteer to physically punish any child, even her own, while on campus or in a position of being a trusted adult.

What would you do, realistically, in my position?