Help me! 😭 new mom here


My baby is 2 months old. And out of nowhere he has began to cry ALOT & non stop. He has had really loose stool now for a couple of days. (They had to change his formula because the one he was taking before would make him constipated.) and not only that but he drools so much and forces himself to poop. He has been on his new formula now for 1 month so I don’t know if it’s that or it’s something else ☹️ he had a cold 2 weeks ago but it went away. I took him to the doctor and everything was ok but since then he started with everything I stated on top ⬆️ has any one been thru this ? ☹️ Im being spread so thin and i don’t know what to do anymore

Edit : he also has been wheezing a lot

( I haven’t taken him back to the doctor because I’m looking for a new one that i can trust and because I’m having complications with his Insurance)