Help! I just need to vent

Guys i want to vent..... my husband and I have had issues ever since our son was born. Our son is 2 now and yet we have disagreements. The worst thing is he has lied and cheated on me, well he claimed he never had sex with anyone. Anyway I have caught him on plenty of fish dating app so many times in the past and i have forgiven him. There was a time he went to meet one of the girls he met there but we were having problems and not talking and he decided to come back to me. End of april we decided to start fresh and try to gain trust however recently i caught him back on plenty of fish yet again and he exchanged numbers with two females and would call them when hes at work. When i found out I called him out and his response was that because I dont listen to him about his advice on how to bring our son up, he felt like doing something to hurt me. I stayed with him this long because im at uni and i need his help physically with our son. But now im getting to the point where i feel like a fool and im depressed smh. Anyone went through like this and can give me hope?