*TRIGGER WARNING* does he sound like a groomer?


So I have extremely serious concerns regarding my FIL and his behaviours. And my mil because im not sure if she is naive, stupid or condones the behaviour. Some of you may have seen my previous posts I have made.

Firstly I have a gut instinct that he is a threat to my daughter and my mil (unintentionally or not) is also a risk.

I’m just going to leave some examples of things he has done that I have personally witnessed and thinks my partner has personally told me

-groped my ass when I was 14/15 years old. I was at a family function had a few alcoholic drinks (yes underage but not the point) and he was sober

-commented about how I would be dressed or my underwear etc

-at another family function it was fancy dress which he organised. Theme was stripper. He dressed as a police officer and gave like this strip show in front of every one and revealed himself wearing this man thong. When he was just wearing that, he targeted me and was rubbing himself against me in front of everyone. Again I was maybe around 15 years old

-my fiancé walked home one day to find my fil giving my sil a spray tan while she was fully naked. My mil was there watching

-when my sil was a teenage girl she had a friend for a sleep over. My fil was sitting in the kitchen with my mil having breakfast fully naked. The girls walked in to see him naked, he got up and ran away

-makes a LOT of sexual comments about himself and my mil, at other women that he both knows and strangers

-when my fiancé lived with his parents and I was staying with him in his room over night, we had went shopping. I had bought a few new bras, and ripped the label off which showed the size and put it in the bin in my fiancé’s room. Somehow my mil saw this, told my fil what my bra size was and were teasing my fiancé about it saying there’s no way her tits are that size they’re bigger

-they have a family business. They had a lady who worked as a secretary and apparently over time she had stolen around £7000. The family obviously fired her and wanted to take her to court for stealing. However she claimed that my fil was sexually harassing her then suddenly they dropped the case

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