Don’t know if I’m being crazy or not:(


Hi ladies! So I’m in a weird spot rn. So I’m dating a guy, we’ve been going for about 2 1/2 months. I’ve known him for 2 years. We go to the same college and both play on the soccer teams. He dated his first girlfriend who lives back in his hometown from about July to mid December. We started dating in March. He ended it with her because she was too clingy and needy and didn’t respect that soccer and school came first. His family and friends (which is really important to him) hated her and said she treated him like crap. So i felt very confident because I’m in his friend group and his family loves me and we get along GREAT because i understand the athlete life. So everything was perfect until i realized he still likes her instagram pictures. Usually idc about liking girl’s pictures but idk if it’s a problem he likes specifically hers. I have mentioned her many times to him and he’s reassured me he will always care about her bc she was his first girlfriend but he doesn’t love her like that anymore and he knows he doesn’t want her. I guess i just need to know if you ladies think it’s weird or wrong for him to like her pictures or if it’s no biggie bc he clearly doesn’t want her??