Not being able to speak to my boyfriend

Right so I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous and no I am not one to rely on a man but I feel so upset and lost!

My boyfriend hasn’t got his phone for at least another week and I am so used to seeing him at least 3 times a week getting morning and evening texts speaking to him all through out the day. I just feel like I wanna cry to be honest! Which sounds awful but girls if you’ve got a boyfriend you will know how it feels to be attached!! I’m not really very close to many girls either anymore and don’t get out that much with anyone and I’ve been with my boyfriend half a year it just feels so odd not being able to communicate with him or know how he’s doing. My friends all think it’s really weird that I’ve gotten like this over it and I don’t get the best advice from them ( none of them have really had any serious relationships) so could anyone give me some advice make me feel better about my situation!? Much appreciated x