Moved in with him


It’s been almost a month now, me and him have been off and on since before thanksgiving but my family never liked him and I always dated who my family liked. Even if I wasn’t happy. Well family drama went down and I left. Well I lived with his family since I had nowhere else to go. I don’t have my dad. I don’t have any family who’d take me in. And the only family I had told me to leave and I was the issue. Which I know now I wasn’t. But instead of staying near them and not being able to see my brothers who’ve I’ve been helping support money wise and raising them for years now and crying myself to sleep every night since my mom and I had worked at the same place. I moved down to Texas with him in his place. Which was fine and I like it down here. But it’s been hard. I left my job and little friends I had. And he works a great job and I love him. But I’m getting down about not being able to do anything. He works and comes home and I clean and cook. It’s still gonna be a few weeks before I can look for a part time job. When he comes home then he eats and plays games or we watch a movie and then go to bed. I spend my days and nights in the house and we are trying to save money for a house instead of this apartment complex cause we were raised in the country and we don’t like being caged up. So I get we can’t go out but it still sucks when we don’t do much. Any advice ?