5 month sleep regression

Mamabear • Mother of 2u2 💕

I need tips and tricks on how to

A) make my son more tired to sleep longer

B) tips and tricks for putting him down and keeping him down

My son is 5 months this weekend and this last week he’s been waking up every 2 hours at night. He use to sleep through the entire night until I had surgery last month and his grandparents had him. We normally feed him, he will then fall asleep in our arms and we could place him in his bed from there and he was good. Now we feed him, he falls asleep, we transfer it and half the time he will wake up as soon as we place him down. From there it takes us a few tries to get him down 100% but he will be back up within a few hours.

Nap time is the same situation except he won’t nap longer than 40 minutes but it’s normally 25-30 minutes.

My son is in our room so I typically close up the blinds to keep it cool and dark, turn the tv completely down, and turn on his mobile so it sings to him.

I am so tired that I am desperate! Thank you in advance from this tired momma 😴😭