Stop worrying so much

I worry a lot mostly about everything in my life everything and I stress myself out about the smallest thing’s that shouldn’t matter yesterday I was able to get my first car I was overly stressed about it because my parents waited to the last minute to get the car unfortunately I had to search up cars and I found one

2 days before my Birthday I’ll be 18

Tommrow yay last night I stayed up all night worrying about my car why?

My dad was in the car and he was checking the windows and my window stayed down it got stuck

I was so sadden because we had to put a trashbag over my window mind you it’s raining season

This morning I woke up I did everything in my power to get the window up it didn’t work

So my mom suggested I ask some guy who live in our apartment complex I did and he stated he didn’t work on other people cars but he helped me he got my WINDOW UP I would’ve had to pay 300 dollars for the Window if not and I don’t have money like that considering I’m getting the tag and insurance and I had to give my dad half the money for the car

I asked him if he wanted anything three times and he told me NO

I have never had anyone do anything nice for me

Well this post is for who worry

Stop worrying put it in God’s hands

I was so worried so stressed out the car has major problems but hay that’s what you get when you get a used car

Now my day is complete

And I forget that they’re actually good people in this world once you be humble and you pray god will open up so many doors for you

Of course I have more worries my dad could’ve fixed the window he didn’t want to he’s so horrible towards me and he only got me the car because my mom pressured him to do so he told me that isn’t the only that I need to get done instead of telling me it’s good I got the window up

He told me I need a oil change this is all new to me this is my first car

But I believe I’ll be okay 💚