Annoyed 😒


I’m just so sick and tired of everyone wanting to take my baby from me. They constantly are saying “can we take him home, can he go with me, do you want to go with me, ohh you can go home with me it’ll be fine”. I say no everyyyy single time. Just stop! I’m still breastfeeding, yes at 8 months old, they act like that’s ridiculous. I ran out of my stash because they always leave when I go to feed him & they are visiting so I was using my stash. It’s my first baby yeah, that shouldn’t mean anything. And my mom. OMG. Y’all. I think she thinks he’s her baby!? That’s what she acts like even my sister said that, she will just literally take him from me or anyone else that’s holding him. She told me, didn’t ask, that next weekend she’s dropping me off for mani/pedis & taking the baby with her. Which is appreciated, but I don’t have milk stashed up for someone to take him. Me & my husband want to take a trip to see my sister in Arizona & my mom said “the baby can stay with me”! My husband said no, he’s going with us. I don’t know what to do about that whole thing, we want to make memories as our little family & it’s like my lol wants to be there for all the first, like it’s her kid. I just am at a loss. Thanks for listening lol happy Wednesday .