Idk what to call it


Why is that when you’re in a relationship and you decide to breakup with or step away from your SO men start to feel pressured and threatened when it comes to finding spiritual growth within yourself? Why do they act soooo confused and puzzled at the fact that when you tell them “I’m not happy and it has nothing to do with you” it’s like they then begin to think it’s something they did wrong and that oh so now you can’t find happiness with me? I’m seriously confused because this is the second time I’ve gotten a spiritual awakening from within. I’m into astrology, meditation, the retrograde, and believing in the universe. My partner that I’m not with but talking to (situationship) thinks I want to be with this other guy who I don’t feel happy with either. It’s like I’m having a hard and stressful time. I’m a Pisces and he’s a Leo and it’s like I’ve said all of this before when I’ve tried to walk away for the sake of both of us while trying to work things out. I seriously need help but idk what to do😩

Trust me I’m everywhere and all over the place with this post🤦🏾‍♀️