I’ve just recently started tracking my periods because I have lots of complications involving my menstrual cycle and infertility. My period was almost one week late this month and I only shed blood for two days when I usually shed for four days, three at the least. It wasn’t very heavy either, which is unusual for me. I passed a couple of blood clots which I never pass blood clots during my period, they were a little bit bigger than the size of a quarter. One of the clots that I passed looked like flesh. Let me remind you, I’ve never ever experienced this before. The clots also looked like placenta. I stopped bleeding after those two days and then three days later, I had blood dripping down my legs in the bathroom. From what I’ve seen so far, what I’ve been going through looks exactly like a 3-4 week miscarriage. I have a lot of anxiety with what’s been going on lately, and I want to know from other women’s perspectives what this could possibly be. My periods are always heavy and last at least four days long, this months period lasted two days and I basically only spotted brown blood. Three days later, I’m bleeding in between my period with very slight cramping.