Im probably just being jealous

Sooo just like the title, I’m probably just being paranoid and jealous, but me and my boyfriend are in a great place, we are texting and calling everyday since we can’t always see each other because I have work and he doesn’t have a license yet, so he has to bid everywhere. Anyways every time I’m with him, there’s this girl who always texting him and he kind of hides his phone from me, and we have the same name, just spelled differently, and this girl is a total bitch, always giving me looks when I’m with him and just being plain out ride. I want to talk to him, but i don’t want him to say stop being jealous, or you have guys who are friends why can’t I have girls who are friends, and all that kind of shit, I just don’t know what to do 🙄

I just need some help 😔

I’m worried about it cause there were some rumors going around saying he cheated so I just don’t know what to do.