Where the hell is AF😠

Alicea • AliG🙏🌈👶

I am going crazy waiting for AF. It is three days late 4BFN and I ovulated on the 6th. I am fn miserable. Cramping for a week now and so damn tired I can barely function. Come on and get it over with already so I can move on with this cycle. I had a chemical pregnancy last month. I have a torturous ex husband that found out and rubs it in my face every chance he gets. School is starting for my older kids next week, work is crazy and I just want to stop freaking PMSing so I can go on with my week without having to pretend I don't want to rip everyone's head off. I hate AF. I Just want one last little baby to hold of my own before I start having freakn grandkids.😭 I am so miserable physically and it is dragging me down emotionally too. Just start already😭

Rant over. Thank you for your support. I'm going to work now and try not to cry all the way there. Stupid AF.

UPDATE: AF finally came today. I will start Clomid on Monday. I really need this to be my month.