To go or not?


I need opinions on whether or not to take our LO to a theme park this October? We always go every year, except last because I was pregnant, our friend gets tickets through his work and they rent out the park for the day. Our LO will be 5 mo and I exclusively breastfeed which means he will have to go with us. This will be a little over a month away and right now he is taking a nap every 1.5-2hrs. I know his schedule will change by then and I want to go, but my husband thinks we shouldn’t. I’m starting to think the same too. The main reason I want to go is because I have been stuck inside the house this whole summer because of the heat and not being able to take our LO for walks... I just want to get out, but I’m scared it will be stressful or bad for our baby...

P.s. If anyone has had experience with going to a theme park with a 5mo or around that age please let me know how it went.