I’m surprised..

So my husband just told me tonight he starting to fall out of love with me because of him working so much and not able to spend quietly time with me. He’s off next 2 days (he have not had few days off for almost 3 weeks now.) He don’t want to separate with me because he wanted to work it out and he’s hoping after our lease is up and move closer to his job helps a lot more..

Right now I’m just hurt don’t know what to say right now.. sorry I’m just hurt and I don’t know what to say about it right now.. 😭😔💔

Update: He don’t normally works on Tuesday and Wednesday those are his days off, just because he worked so much it’s because his boss is looking for 2 more people to join the job..

I’m glad he was honest with me and he asked for advice from his own boss before he even talked to me..

No he’s not seeing no one, we had that conversation a billion times passed 5 years now, all I can do is take one day at a time, he said it was on him and not on me,

He did promise me he won’t divorce me though and if he does fall completely out of love he said we would just separate and co parents our kids (we have 2 kids)..

I do appreciate the ideas..