Miserable pregnant people

I'm honestly so over my friends complaints during her pregnancy. Quick back story she has one child and in the past has had an etopic pregnancy and recently miscarried twins. I was there for her emotionally and she was desperate to get pregnant again as soon as possible after her miscarriage at 8 weeks, which I totally understand. That following month she told me every day about how she hopes she will be pregnant this cycle. So she missed her period and suddenly is saying omg I hope I'm not pregnant I don't think I'm ready. Kind of confusing but ok. Anyways it turns out she is pregnant so I congratulate her because at the end of the day I am happy for her. From that moment on all I hear is miserable complaints about every and anything. First it's her back hurting, then it nausea, then it's things like she wants to take a walk but no one will walk with her. Then she complains about having having a job and wanting to quit the job. Then she wants a job and is miserable being at home with her son. She gets another job and all she does is complain about how much she hates it and then wants to be back home 😓 now she's upset because she found out she's having a girl and not a boy. I mean can we be thankful for a healthy pregnancy!!? I'm just getting so over all the complaints. I'm trying to be a good friend and be there for her but it's getting draining and exhausting. It doesnt matter what time of the day it is or night I will look at my phone and see a text of complete misery. Anything and everything that she has to say is a complaint. I've never known anyone so miserable in my life. She recently fell out with one of her bestfriends over her complaining and attitude. Her bestfriend has been trying for years to get pregnant with no success and she got sick of my friend texting and calling her complaining about being pregnant. My friend thought she was wrong for being upset with her. She said "it's not my fault she cant ever get pregnant, maybe she should eat better" which I think is a horrible thing to say not to mention you would think a woman that has suffered pregnancy loss would be more sympathetic but apparently not. I've told my friend that I think she complains to much and im here for her nutI understand why her bestfriend is upset with her but she just doesn't seem to get it

To answer the questions, I understand pregnant people complain I know I did but I mean she complains about the color of the sky and she's always been this way I guess maybe now that she has lost her bestfriend I just have to hear way more of it then in use to. And yes she is married and complains about that too