I’ll be married in months

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or immature. I’m 18 and having a kid in June. I’m going to be married before my baby is born. I’ve always dreamed of a traditional wedding. Never wanted anything too extravagant but I wanted to walk down the aisle in a stunning dress with my father walking me to my soon to be husband. I want people to cheer and clap after I finally kiss my husband and make him mine forever. I want people to make funny and heartfelt speeches that bring me to tears. I’m so grateful to be marrying this man at all. Even being so young, that doesn’t scare me or seem to worry me at all. I’m getting married in a courthouse. Yes plenty of people get married in courthouses and go on to have beautiful marriages and I don’t doubt that I will. But most women dream of their big day. Am I so wrong to want that dream? My parents have been supportive about me having my kid and I can’t be more appreciative towards that because it makes me feel so much better. They’re supportive about me getting married and I understand that now I’m having a kid and things aren’t really about me and what I want anymore but thinking about not having a traditional wedding truly breaks my heart.