Recently engaged then found out I’m pregnant

I got engaged in Disneyland.. a total dream come true. Then after our trip I wasn’t feeling well and figured I caught something traveling. Turns out I’m about 6 weeks pregnant. My cycles range from 33-38days and aren’t regular so I didn’t think much of it.

We are so excited and have talked about kids for a long time. But now I’m feeling anxious because I’m only 23. My now fiancé and I have only been living together since July. (We’ve been together over 3.5 years but we didn’t move out together until he got settled in his career). Now everyone is asking us about wedding plans and dates and I know at some point I’ll have to announce I’m pregnant and technically I was pregnant when he proposed. I know my soon to be snarky MIL is going to be crazy. I’m also bummed it happened a little earlier because I want to be married before giving birth but don’t want to be super pregnant in photos so I feel rushed.