Are you considered in labor as soon as your water breaks?

My water broke the day before I had my son at around 5-5:30 pm.

I woke up the next morning at 7:00 am in the worlds worst pain. I know that I had to have been contracting in my sleep.

I waited it out until 4:00pm then went in, he was born at 9:54pm that night.

But I’ve been trying to add up how many hours in total I was in labor but I’m not sure if I start counting from right when my water broke or if I count from when I woke up at 7?

What confuses me is that I had absolutely no pain or even felt weird after my water broke. This was my first child. The way everyone explained it to me was that I’d know, that I’d basically have a big gush of water (which didn’t even happen, I had a very small trickle) and that I’d start feeling contractions right then.