Getting so angry from my toddler

I love my daughter so much (she is 2) but lately she throws so many fits a day I end up yelling at her, making her feel guilty for whatever she did, let her cry it out and ignore her until she stops what just took an hour. I feel horrible afterwards that I couldn’t keep my calm and was so mean to her. I am really worried she will have some kind of anxiety or trauma when she is older. She is very happy and sweet most of a time but when she gets in her “mood” I can’t change it. Nothing works and the guilt of my behavior eats me alive. My husband is useless, he sleeps until he goes to work and goes straight to bed when comes home. It adds a lot of stress for me and if I had some money saved I would divorce him. I have no family or friends who can help. I want my daughter to have her loving mom back what I used to be. Any advice will help. Please no hate.