Psycho Mother-in-Law 🖕🏼🤬


Brace yourself, this is gonna be a doozy and a long one at that.. My boyfriend and I have been together 6 years in December, I have a daughter from previous relationship, her dad signed her over and never looked back. I met Tyler when my daughter was 3 weeks old. He was everything I wanted in a man. Started dating, going great. I have had a hard family life growing up, so after about 8 months of dating, my daughter and myself moved in with him at his mothers house. He paid her rent for us staying there as I was in school and he worked full time, to make it right. After a few weeks, it was always a problem with her. This woman is just a real piece of work, always wanting drama and to yell and argue. Needless to say, we didn’t like each other.

We move out on our own after about 6 months of living at his moms, she was sooooo mad we left cause she lost that income. This woman has never worked a day in her life, always been with men who have shit ton of money and just mooched off them and was so proud of it, which was a big reason I couldn’t get along with her cause I just wasn’t a name dropper and didn’t care about makeup and clothes and stupid shit like that.

His dads side of the family took my daughter in as if she was his own blood, his mom and his moms side, never did. they’d give her something on holidays but nothing more.

well i got pregnant with my mans child, she all of sudden wanted to come to appointments, wanted to do the baby shower, just do all this shit for “me” I told my man it was all fake and so she looked like this great “Mimi” but I didn’t buy it. Had my daughter and all of a sudden, she was coming by, asking to watch her to “help me” and “give me a break” and she never once did that with my oldest.

My oldest is also autistic and has a lot of medical issues.

My youngest is now 3, and for the last 3 years, it’s always been, “can I see emma? can i take her out? can she stay the night” Never once the both of the girls. Always just my youngest. His dad always wanted to keep them both, did things with BOTH, loved them equally.

The last 4 months, his mom has been going through a divorce and shit came out that they beat the hell out of each other, cops being called, her selling his belongings, taking all of his money out his accounts, etc. One day, my oldest needed to go to ER so i called her to watch Emma so i could take her, she says yes. She might have had my daughter for 2 hours, I pick her up and she goes on to tell me that papa beat mimi up, said papa is bad, etc. So i told my man, she was no longer seeing her. Period.

She decided to be a fucking crazy stalker and get her friends to add my man and his dad and his wife to see if they were seeing the girls, getting mad when we would have date nights and his dad and wife would keep them BOTH, going off on my man saying some awful things about him and myself. She blocks us both of phone and social media’s. Two days later, being all nicey nicey wanting to see MY YOUNGEST, not both. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

I finally told my man that i was done with her and she won’t seeing any of us as long as I’m in the picture.

Am i in the wrong for not putting them in that? Am i a bad mom for not wanting my kids to see that? To see favoritism and my oldest being pushed to the side and not want her to feel unloved and unwanted? What would you do? 😢😠🥵