My husband is traumatized


I will be having a repeat c-section in a couple of weeks. My first one was emergency and I had a lot of complications during and after. Last night my husband asked me the plan for our 2.5yr old son while I’m in the hospital. My mother is coming to stay with us but I had planned on his parents taking our son for the first couple days then bringing him to visit. My husband would then take our son home and put him in his own bed and get some rest of his own while my mom came to stay with me in the hospital. Boy was I surprised when he’s said NOPE. I’m like umm dude I thought you’d be happy to get a break and go home and rest. After more discussion he finally says “You almost died last time. I’m not leaving you.”

Whoa. Game changer.

My husband is very Type A, morbid sense of a humor type of a guy. He always made jokes about the event (he saw everything-organs out, blood shooting everywhere, everything). So I had no idea it had actually affected him this way. I reassured him this time will be different, it’s planned and will go much smoother. He’s still concerned, naturally. Any ideas on how I can calm his nerves a bit ?

Update: Sorry ladies to be clear, yes of course he can stay however long he wants. I was more referring to calming his nerves with me having another c section.