Today I turn 36 yrs old & feel so low. Feel like a bad mother that my 5 month old & 3 yr old they would be better off without me.i look gross with hair falling out - an ugly. My family deserve better

Hey ladies,

I didn’t I think I would feel so low and useless.

I have turned 36 yrs old today and it’s the

worst feeling I have had on my birthday.

I have a 5 month old and 3 year old who I love dearly. But at times I feel like I do is breastfeed and the house work. My husband deals with cooking and our 3 year old. I feel like an inadequate mum and wife.

My baby is very clingy with me and is frequently breastfeeding I sometimes feel like I’m going out of my mind and can become snappy.

I don’t have any family or friends to help out or talk to, I talk to my husband I’m lucky to have him but I still feel like I am alone.

My hair has been shedding since I was 3 months PP and now you can see my scalp I feel disgusted when I look at myself. I take my prenatal eat and drink well. I just can’t be bothered with anything at times. Maybe my family will be better off without me they deserve better.

I don’t want to see doctors / nurses.

I am writing on here as a way to outlet my emotions as I have nowhere else to express how I feel.