I'm no longer my siblings punching bag


Was I in the wrong when I told my brother no?? We have the same dad so I don't understand why he kept saying what he was saying... A little back story to why I said what I said... Ever since I been born my grandma has always had this deep hate for me, she treated my siblings and cousins better and showed them all more favoritism than me. I grew up thinking "my grandma hates me, doesn't want anything to do with me, and just doesn't have any love for me" my oldest brother on my mom's said molested me when I was a child... EVERYBODY expect my grandma was on my side, she was the only one that blamed me for him doing what he did to me... I WAS A CHILD AND HE WAS A TEENAGER BUT SHE STILL BLAMED ME!!!! The last time I seen my grandma was at my father's funeral and she still made no effort to speak to me but I still went and sat by her side and held her while she cried... Every time something doesn't go the way my siblings want it to go, they take their anger out on me and talk to me any kind of way without wanting to hear how I feel or want to hear my side of the story, they just get mad and cancel me out of their life UNTIL they feel like reaching out to me and talk to me... For 22 year's I have been their punching bag well today is the day it stops, I can't do it anymore I'm tired of how they treat me... Yes I blocked him before he started calling me every name in the book like they always do

I was gonna tell him how I was feeling about why I didn't want anything else to do with her but before I could... he cancelled me out of his life yet again so this time I'm completely done for good