A night in pt 2

Zach kissed my cheek, and made his way down to my neck. I shuddered and ran my hands through his hair as he sucked on the sweet spot below my ear. Ugh, he was so hot like that.

I put my hand on his strong chest and he looked up.

What about the ice cream, I asked.

Oh yeah, that shits expensive. I’ll put it in the freezer, he said.

Ok, I’ll be upstairs waiting for you, I purred.

I ran upstairs and jumped out of my sweats and hoodie. I fluffed my curly hair and laid on my stomach on top of the comforter. I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs.

Babe, there wasn’t much room in the freezer but I made it-

He stopped suddenly as he laid eyes on me. I stood up and sauntered over to him. I could see his dick get hard through his sweatpants as he ran his vision up and down my body. He reached out to touch my face but I pulled him by his tshirt towards the bed.

You don’t get to touch, I told him.

I pushed him on the bed and dropped to my knees. I rubbed his dick through his sweats and he started breathing heavier.

I tapped his hip and he lifted so I could remove his pants and boxers. I pushed him flat on his back and began kissing his neck. I made my way down his chest and along his happy trail. His breathing was hitched and ragged.

Once I reached his solid dick he moaned. He reached out to touch my hair, and I swatted his hand away.

You can touch when I say you can, I hissed.