Totally weird self pride post

Our house is falling apart. It's an older house with a landlord that doesn't care about anything.

For the past say year and a half, we've been having issues with BOTH our toilets. The one leaks continuously (so we've actually had it disconnected for this whole time) and the other one's floaty thing broke so it would fill water but wouldn't stop so overflowed. We've been filling it manually for about a year now.

Yesterday, I got "gatvol" (means fed up in Afrikaans) and fixed not one, but BOTH toilets.

Then this morning I cleared out my toolbox and three away a whole bag full of broken bits and pieces.

Over the weekend I replaced a broken door lock, two broken door handles and fixed our front door that wouldn't latch close.

As soon as I get paid, I'm going to buy a door or two, and make a headboard out of them.

I've been feeling very ill for the last few months thanks to a medical condition and it feels great to be kind of back to normal.