How would you feel?

For some reason my husbands sister has always acted weird towards me. Before I get to the story let me add she don’t really act like an aunt to my kids except she favors only my 2 year old daughter and ignores my 10 and 1 year old. She will take pictures of my daughter and post her but don’t ever post my other two. Has never been to a birthday party. Anyways today my husband wanted me to go to her house for thanksgiving since that’s where most of his family was so I agreed. We get there and we walk in and she acknowledges every one else but me, she don’t even say hi or look at me. Automatically I feel awkward & unwanted there, anyways I ignore it but as I’m sitting down eating I notice her and her boyfriend whispering about me and I know their talking about me because they make it so obvious their sitting like 10 feet away from me. And their laughing and looking at me I had to stop eating and I was pissed by then. I told my husband but he just says I’m over analyzing things and we ended up leaving cause I just felt like I was being talked about, I’m 27 and she’s about 34 maybe me and my husband have been together for 6 years. But when I tell him about her he just don’t ever wanna hear it and gets mad at me. Let me add no I didn’t want to go because I already knew I’d feel uncomfortable but he made me go if I didn’t he just gets mad and says “why are we even together then”