Husband made this the worst thanksgiving ever

Long story. Today is our first thanksgiving as a family I was so excited to be able to share this day with our LO it's my baby's first thanksgiving but husband made the decision for it to not be special I let him sleep last night so that he can wake up in the morning and help with our baby so that I can nap & get up in the evening to get ready and go out to eat we we're supposed to go to a family members house but he didn't want to so going out to eat is what we had planned so he wakes up all rested up it's time for him to take care of the baby and he starts bitching he wants it so easy he always wants the baby asleep so he doesn't have to deal with my baby which breaks my heart because as it was his turn he had our baby in his lap crying and obviously showing signs of wanting a bottle I'm already falling asleep when he says (can you bring me a bottle) I felt my blood boil because I just have him our baby I too care of the baby all night no sleep so thst he can sleep and you know why he didn't want to get up because of a dumbass game he plays on his phone this game has brought up so many problems in our relaitionship and I've voiced that it's a problem I mean the other day on the chat that's on that game some girl said that he only attacked her on there because he wants her attention and if he wanted that bad then he should told her that she would have just unblocked him from whatsapp my heart sank and that day we had a huge fight... well back to today he always puts this game before me and our baby he decides to leave for 5 hours he went to go find free wifi while I'm calling and sending voice messages crying to come and help I was tired I wanted to go out to eat to celebrate baby's first thanksgiving šŸ˜¢ y'all he didn't care.. he got home when baby was fine crying and being fussy baby was sleeping my eyes were so sore from crying and being tired I fell asleep hungry I woke up at 9 pm only to turn around and see him using my hotspot so that he can play his game I specifically told him not to touch my phone this douche bag waiting until I fell asleep to grab my phone šŸ˜ šŸ’” another fight happens & he left I dont want to be with him but this is the first time he doesn't come home it's 1:37 am and he hasn't even asked about our baby.. I'm just so emotional he knew that i wanted to celebrate baby's first thanksgiving but he decided for us that it wasn't special. What the fuck.

I wrote fast since I'm just trying to write my emotions down. Please no mean comments

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