Threatening to leave me

Is constantly threatening to leave a relatiinship and unborn child emotional abuse?? My on again off again bf/babydaddy has been threatening to leave me and our baby everytime we have an argument. He tells me that im on my own with this. He has been doing this through out my pregnancy and im currently 27 weeks along. Its gotten to the point where i feel very insecure about whether or not he really is going to be there for us or if im to be a second time single mother. He even broke up with me for about a week then comes running back with "i miss you" texts just before the holidays, convenietly. When i tell him it hurts me when he walks out on me he doesnt listen and starts accusing me of things. I really hate this turmoil and am now placing ny baby for adoption when we were supposed to raise him together. Im not prepared to be a single mom again and doing it alone with no help from the guy. I doubt he would help me or care about his unborn son.