Resentment in a marriage

My husband is a liar. After we got married i stumbled upon some stuff that then made me stumble onto more stuff. My husband was hiding money and using cocaine behind my back. I now feel so much resentment. Like I’m allowed to look through his phone, our records, drug test him. But like it’s not fun, it’s not happy. I’m so unhappy. I’m on stimulant medication that is prescribed to me and he stole a couple of my pills. He was honest about it and stuff.

He saves all his receipts. I know he wants to work things out. I did at first. We’re in therapy together but idk. Idk If I want to be with him anymore. I’m so angry with him. He tries to be loving and I just find it annoying. When he calls I find it annoying. When he tried to talk I just wonder if it’s a lie. When he’s sleeping or at work I miss him and love him.

Did anyone get past this type of thing? Is there getting past this stuff? Is it worth it?