Alone and Pregnant

I'll be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my ex boyfriends child. The father and I fight constantly and I was wanting to hear some feedback with other moms in that situation. This is my second pregnancy with him this year. In May I had an Ectopic when he left me I had found out I was pregnant. When I told him he blocked me on Facebook and changed his phone number.  He decided to come back into my life in July and I fell pregnant again and wasn't supposed to with the shots I was given in May. I never even received my period so I was a bit shocked. And to think I was stupid for going back the second time for him to basically do the same things to me only to block me completely.  I had to switch doctors because the doctor wouldn't see me until the 1st one was paid off and he won't help with bills. Has anyone been in this situation? Has the father eventually come around? Any advice?
I'm 35 and this is my first pregnancy and he's 32.