Help, advice needed

Me and my Boyfriend have been together a year! We recently miscarried, although the pregnancy was not planned we were heart broken. I was forced to move into my own house due to a complicated relationship with my mother and my boyfriend moved in to help with bills etc but more so because the miscarriage brought us closer together. Since then we have had a lot of money worries and he has started acting aggressively towards me. He has now developed a bad temper and anger issues. He's sometimes like a different person, someone I don't recognise. It's like a switch has been flipped. He recently pushed me about the house, the police were called and I was left with cuts and bruises all over my arms. He has agreed he needs professional help and has booked an app with his doctor. I promised to stick by him and then last night he started another big blow out because we couldn't agree on what to eat. He has now decided to leave and go back to his mums. This is not the first time he's packed his bags but I normally chase after him. And he comes back. I don't know how to deal with everything. I want him back so much but the way he used to be. If he gets help. But if not I don't know how to get through this breakup as we r so close, we are best friends and it's breaking my heart and I can't stop crying. Should I try and get back with him? Or walk away? And if I walk away, how do I deal with it? Thank you for listening and thanks for any advice I receive, don't know where else to turn