Am I wrong??? Sorry it's long. Pls comment

My boyfriend for some reason started just recently ignoring me. Atleast that's what it seems like. We just made it to year today but he didn't text me for hours after I sent him the best happy anniversary text, didn't call I had to call him and he said he wanted to take a nap. It's 9:36pm now he said that around 12pm. I called him and no answer, no call back. He's been doing this a lot lately he won't text me or reply my text he won't call me or pick up my calls. (Ps he always has his phone with him) He never wants to see me or go out. I feel so sad.Maybe he'll just call me once. He used to ask how I was doing and be caring but i don't feel that anymore. So I'm a person who likes attention so I started texting this guy I once had sex with. Because at least he likes to talk to me am I wrong for that? And I've talked to my boyfriend about how I felt but seems like he doesn't care